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App EveryLine

Last modified: Wednesday, 9/16/2020

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Basic information:

Name: EveryLine
Description: Do you have many code and already you are not sure whether you coded something already?

With my app it will be past, as searching with non specialized utilities.

Core Functions:
Asynchronous loading
Memory efficiently hold loaded files in memory => super fast search
Color highlighting by part in path
Simultaneous combined search in code elements names, content and path

Recognized code elements names:

Additional functions:
Text output with code's elements of files in folder/file
Names of duplicated methods
List all indexed files for researching whether is not loaded something useless

For a few money you will save too much time.

App is fully in czech and english.

I will be reply for all your request of functionality or other messages.

More information:

Has application graphical interface: yes
License: Shareware
Notice: Every Windows is different. If app won't be running under admin account, try non-admin and viceversa


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Creation date Wednesday, 9/16/2020
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